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Sepsis: Effect of a multifaceted educational intervention for anti-infectious measures on mortality

icTV interview with author Frank Bloos   In this icTV interview, Frank Bloos discusses the results of his prospective cluster-randomised trial MEDUSA – Medical Education for Sepsis Source Control and Antibiotics, which aimed to confirm that shortening the time to initiation of AT improves patient survival and evaluated the potential benefit of a multifaceted educational […]

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Can education improve Sepsis source control & antimicrobial therapy?

EJRC Article Review   In severe sepsis and septic shock, timing and appropriateness of antimicrobial therapy (AT) and source control have been associated with good outcome in many retrospective studies. Thus, guidelines recommend providing antibiotics in the first hour and source control in 6 to 12 hours despite the lack of randomised trials confirming this association. […]

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