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Clinical Ethics and End-of-Life Care

Format: Virtual
Dates: 11-12 May, 2023

End-of-Life Care requires specific knowledge and expertise – and probably also a particular temperament.

Join our e-master class and learn how to assess the severity of illness and prognosis, to consider relevant ethical, legal, religious, cultural issues, to communicate effectively with patients, relatives and medical staff and minimize their distress, to boost team-working, to make clear decisions in accordance with the patients’ wishes.

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Ethicus II

End-of-life practices in intensive care units around the world. This multicentre study will allow us to observe and describe actual end of life practices in ICUs in several countries.

We aim to determine their overall incidence, to document variations in the pattern of practice and to analyse similarities and differences in terms of variables that might explain the findings.

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Antibiotic Resistance and End-of-Life care

Investigation of a possible correlation between end-of-life care and the presence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in intensive care patients.

End-of-life treatment and bacterial antibiotic resistance: a potential association.

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Metaxa V.  et al. Palliative care interventions in intensive care unit patients  
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Metaxa V.  et al. Palliative care interventions in intensive care unit patients – a systematic review protocol.
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Mark J. Peters et al. The intensive care medicine clinical research agenda in paediatrics.
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Hans Flaatten et al. The status of intensive care medicine research and a future agenda for very old patients in the ICU.
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How Family Members Perceive Goals for Dying Nursing Home Residents.
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Improving decision-making with family members of nursing home residents
Dementia is a common disease in old age and most of the patients with late-stage dementia both reside and die in nursing homes.
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Burnout Syndrome in Critical Care: A Call for Action
Burnout syndrom is triggered by a discrepancy between the expectations and ideals of the employee and the actual requirements of his position.
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Withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments: Examining the socioeconomic factors
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Decisions to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment: Is there global variability?
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