Giant Great Grant

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicin presents the 3G Project, with the aim of revolutionizing the delivery of safer intensive care medicine.

We call on all healthcare professionals to submit a proposal on Data-Driven ICU Patient Safety.

Up to €100,000 per year for three years will be made available to the successful project.

Priority will be given to projects:

  • using data from EMRs/EHRs.
  • or focus on mechanical ventilation in the ICU and beyond.

Specific conditions

  • You must be an ESICM member (=2024 fee paid) and can be based in any country.
  • You must come from an academic institution.
  • You can apply as a pair or as an individual.
  • Any study design is possible.
  • Co-sponsoring is allowed if it is from an academic institution.

Submission Process

  1. The deadline to submit a short application is 8 January 2024.
  2. Reviewing by the Jury and a Representative of Mindray will take place in mid-January 2024.
  3. Deadline to submit a full application is 11 March 2024.
  4. Reviewing and selection by the Jury will close on 8 April 2024.
  5. The project final selection by the Jury will take place on 15 April 2024.

The Jury comprises Elie Azoulay (President), Jan De Waele (President-Elect),  Maria Theodorakopoulou (Treasurer), Ignacio Martin-Loeches (Chair, Research Committee), Ricard Ferrer, Marlies Ostermann.

The successful project will be announced at the LIVES Forum in Istanbul (30 May – 1 June, 2024).

The successful candidate will commit to publishing in one of the official ESICM Journals, Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) or the ICM Experimental (ICMx).

For any other information, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to submit your short application?

8 January 2024 at 23:59 is the deadline.

What kind of data can we use to apply for the grant

The project applies to all types of data, with a clear emphasis on big databases, extractions from EMRs and EHRs, as well as national or international databases.

Is this call dedicated to RCTs?

Not at all, any type of research is welcome. The call will be competitive of course, but we will pay more attention to projects that are likely to achieve the planned protocol within three years or earlier, than to projects that are maybe more ambitious but impossible to make in three years.

Can we apply if we are outside Europe?

Any ESICM member from any section, any country and any profession (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists etc.) can apply to the 3G.

Can I submit a project with another principal investigator?

Yes, you can submit a project individually or in pairs.

Could the 3G be co-sponsored by another grant?

Yes, but only if the other grant is academic (your hospital, university, or any public found in your country). The 3G cannot be combined with another grant in which there is a direct or indirect industrial sponsor.

Is it going to be an ESICM project or an investigator-led project?

This will be an investigator-led project, but ESICM will be part of the consortium. ESICM will provide services and support to help the investigators carry out the project according to the signed contract. ESICM will also ensure that all the requirements and authorisations are obtained before starting the project. The ESICM network will be used to advertise and invite to participate in the project if needed. The ESICM Research Committee will also evaluate your biannual report to ensure that you are on track with the planned timeline. This is necessary to receive the second and the third parts of the budget.

Does the funding cover salary costs for the Principal Investigator(s)?

No, the funding does not cover salary costs.

Will the jury be international?

The 3G applications will undergo a two-step process.

An ESICM steering committee will validate the short applications to ensure that they comply with the call criteria. This jury will include a representative of the sponsor and experts from ESICM.

The full applications will be reviewed by experts from every country, including non-ICU specialists if needed.

Does the PI have any engagement towards ESICM?

Yes, (s)he will have. First, (s)he needs to be an ESICM member. Second, (s)he will sign a contract with ESICM. Third, (s)he will report to the ESICM Research Committee. Fourth, ESICM will be closely involved in each project and be part of the consortium. Finally, published papers will be submitted in priority to ESICM journals and will mention the ESICM Great Giant Grant in the acknowledgement and “on behalf of ESICM” in the title or the authors.

The 3G Project is a new initiative of ESICM supported by a grant from MINDRAY