ALIVE Solidarity

The last years have posed massive challenges to our community. These challenges have shown to the world the importance of Intensive Care Units and Intensive Care Teams for our patients, their families, for our healthcare workers.

While we cannot choose our challenges, we can decide how to respond to them. Solidarity has been a fundamental value of the response of our community.

Our initiatives

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, more and more patients need emergency care or ICU admission following war fallouts. As civilian doctors, dealing with a large influx of war-related injuries may prove overwhelming.

As our strength relies on our ability to develop training and teaching tailored to the needs of our colleagues, the new ALIVE Solidarity webinars series was born.

This new series will tackle a broad range of issues and will be made freely available to help where and when is most needed. In March, two webinars have been focused on Triage to ICU admission in times of Mass Casualty and Hypothermia Management.

Between April and May, we streamed 5 new interactive sessions with military and civilian doctors who will give practical recommendations on how to care for patients suffering from war-related trauma injuries. These free webinars are open to all healthcare professionals, especially those in Ukraine and neighbouring countries who compassionately receive and care for those wounded in the conflict. The webinars covered:

  • Organisation & triage
  • Prehospital assessment of battlefield injuries & haemorrhagic shock management
  • Crush injuries & penetrating wounds
  • Blast and burn injuries
  • Warfare injuries: chemical/biological/nuclear

The ALIVE Solidarity Marathon on Wednesday, 30 March 2022 was a free 4.5-hour broadcast, several international guest speakers shared their experience and discussed a broad range of topics, including: Global Healthcare Challenges, Critical Care Challenges during War, Critical care illness in migrants and refugees and the legacy of the last 2 years

We have provided Ukrainian doctors free access to our existing educational resources, especially our 80 ACE courses covering different domains of Intensive Care Medicine.

Furthermore, our educational platform contains dedicated resources to support healthcare professionals operating in war zones, facing refugee crises and managing pandemics. This includes access to:

  • the recording of our latest Art of Trauma Care e-Master Class, which also covered war injuries with a military doctor;
  • C19_SPACE for doctors and nurses
  • COVID-19 ALIVE course for low- and middle-income countries