ESICM’s Consultation Paper on the inclusion of Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) in Annex V of the Directive of the recognition of professional qualifications (2005/36/EC). (15/01/2021)


ESICM has joined forces with the European Hematology Association (EHA) and other medical societies and patient advocates across disciplines in a coalition calling for urgent action to make clinical trials less bureaucratic and more patient-centered, efficient and cheaper. Statement published on (25/09/2020)


ESICM ~ New Editor In Chief Elect of Intensive Care Medicine Experimental (ICMx) appointed (06/06/2018)

Press Release ~ LIVES Forum 2018 brings European intensivists together in Madrid (03/05/2018)

ESICM/WHO Announcement ~ SAVE LIVES – How to prevent Sepsis: Infographic (23/04/2018)

ESICM Announcement ~ ESICM Launches Diversity Task Force (29/03/2018)

ESICM/WHO Announcement ~ WHO’s global annual call to action for healthcare workers (13/02/2018)


ESICM Announcement ~ Editor In Chief Elect of Intensive Care Medicine named (13/12/2017)

ESICM endorsement ~ EPHA Joint Statement on Antimicrobial Resistance  (11/2017)

ESICM/ESCMID/WAAAR statement ~ ANTARCTICA (ANTimicrobiAl Resistance CriTIcal CAre) – coalition statement on Antimicrobial Resistance: CALL FOR ACTION (15/11/2017)

ESICM/ICM ANNOUNCEMENT ~ Publication of Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2016… PLUS editorials & video (19/01/2017)

PRESS RELEASE ~ Updated Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines 2016 Offer Important New Advancements in Care for Sepsis, Septic Shock (18/01/2017)


PRESS RELEASE ~ Findings from the LUNG-SAFE study: Epidemiology, patterns of care, and mortality for patients with ARDS in intensive care units in 50 countries (23/02/2016)

PRESS RELEASE ~ Sepsis-3: New International Consensus Definitions of Sepsis (22/02/2016)


Letter from the President: AHA/ILCOR 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines (04/02/2015)


Ebola Update from the ESICM President (31/10/2014)

Message from the ESICM President ~ Mitchell Levy’s son (04/10/2014)

Letter from the ESICM President ~ Ebola Outbreak in Guinea – WHO call for critical care and infectious disease specialists (31/03/2014)

PRESS RELEASE: Clinical practice guideline on diagnosis and treatment of hyponatraemia published in ICM (25/02/2014)


Message & LIVES news from the ESICM President (12/11/2013)

Introducing ICM Experimental (ICMx): Call for Submissions (29/10/2013)

PRESS RELEASE: LIVES 2013 President’s Session ~ Improving Patient Outcomes Across the Globe: Insights from the Latest Randomised Studies (20/09/2013)

PRESS RELEASE: ESICM Honoured with “Sepsis Hero” Award for Surviving Sepsis Campaign (16/09/2013)

PRESS RELEASE: World Sepsis Day (13/09/2013)

PRESS RELEASE: World-Class Speakers at LIVES 2013 Opening Session (15/09/2013)

IMPRESS Announcement (16/08/2013)

INTERNATIONAL STATEMENT PAPER: The future of intensive care medicine. L. Blanch, D. Annane, M. Antonelli, J.D. Chiche, J. Cunat, T.D. Girard, E.J. Jiménez, M. Quintel, S. Ugarte, J. Mancebo. Med Intensiva. 2013.


ANNOUNCEMENT LETTER: ICM Editorial Changes (10/12/2012)

PRESS RELEASE: EuSOS – European Surgical Outcomes Study Results published (20/09/2012)

MEDIA RELEASE: For Immediate Release – Europe’s Increasing Patient Demand on Healthcare: EU Parliament – Policy Debate (22/05/2012)

MEDIA INVITATION: Policy Debate and Exhibition, May 15, 2012, European Parliament (10/05/2012)

PRESS RELEASE: Eric ABIDAL continues the fight with LIFE-PRIORITY (16/03/2012)

NEWS RELEASE: Intensive Care Medicine journal – next Editor in Chief announcement (05/03/2012)

NEWS RELEASE: Eric ABIDAL, famed footballer is an AMBASSADOR for LIFE-PRIORITY Fund (06/02/2012)


ESICM Statement on recommendations for basic requirements for intensive care units: structural and organisational aspects.

EBICM Response to the European Commission consultation on modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive

ESICM / EBICM response to consultation document with regards to the recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EU)

Influenza A (H1N1) Key issues for case management

A European Risk Assessment for Influenza

Risk of aseptic peritonitis with peritoneal dialysis solutions

H1N1 update 20 January 2010

H1N1 Registry – A communication from the President

ESICM Press Release March 2009 – European Workforce for Health

Recommendation: Intensive Care needs recognition as a specialty

Errors in administration of parenteral drugs in intensive care units: multinational prospective study (BMJ 2009;338:b814)

Intensive care errors ‘frequent’? (BBC NEWS: 2009/03/13)

Response of Yoel Donchin

ESICM Press Release March 2009 – EU Health Inequalities

Xmas statement from the President – 22.12.08

Press Release Patient safety Com Council Recommendation 2008 by EU Commissioner