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ESICM aims to foster collaborative research among its members and to promote European Intensive Care Research. Since 2013, 15 Trial Group studies have enrolled 41 441 patients in total. All studies, observational or interventional, were international multicentric. The Trial Group contributed to the advancement of knowledge of research in intensive care.

Procedures for ethical committees vary across countries.  In order to facilitate the organisation of your trial you can find relevant information on the European Network of Research Ethics Committees website and on the WHO National Committees database.

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The ESICM Trials Group has major trials which are either currently or soon to open for interested centres. Learn more about SYNAPSE-ICU, TRAIN, VITDALIZE, PrevAKIDecubICUs and WEAN SAFE and register your interest in getting your ICU involved in these important clinical research initiatives in intensive care medicine! See all of the dedicated webpages for more information.

Endorsed Trials

Endorsed Trials

If you would like to know how ESICM endorsement works, please consult the rules. To submit your project for endorsement or support, please use the project application form.You can also apply for ESICM and Industry awards to support your work. More information is available on the awards page.

Do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions.

Other projects

ESICM has supported several other long-term studies in recent years.

GenOSept: Genetics of Sepsis in Europe

It is hypothesised that the fatal outcome following treatment for severe sepsis is, in part, genetically determined. This hypothesis is based on preliminary data developed by several groups from studies of small, relatively homogeneous populations. GenOSept will test this hypothesis through three phases:

  • A genetic epidemiologic study of genetic predisposition to sepsis-related mortality and morbidity in European intensive care units;
  • This unique European dataset on the effect of genetic variation on sepsis outcomes will help to explain variation in response to new treatments for sepsis, will deliver data on gender related mortality and morbidity;
  • Harmonisation of standards for European high throughput genotyping and quality control by co-ordinating three major European genotyping centres (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics – Oxford, Cochin Institute – Paris, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen – Munich).

This project was supported by ESICM.


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