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Current Research Projects

Use & management of non-invasive methods to assess intracranial pressure in TBI patients in LMIC (+ in HIC when there are contraindications to invasive methods): a consensus & clinical recommendation

Long-term impAct in inTEnsive caRe survivors oF CORonavirus disease 19

Prone Positioning for invasively ventilated patients with COVID-19: an interactive, web-based, multicenter, observational registry


Communication with an artificial airway – a Core Outcome Set (COS)

Core Outcome Measures for Clinical Effectiveness Trials of Nutritional and Metabolic Interventions in Critical Illness: an International Modified Delphi Consensus Study

SKin and soft tissue necrotizing INfections in the Intensive Care Unit: a prospective multi-national cohort study

PRone positioN in patients with spontanEous ventiLation and acute hypoxemic respIratory FailurE (PRONELIFE)

The Outcomes of Intoxicated patients in Europe-Toxic-Europe study

International Point Prevalence Study of Intensive Care Unit Transfusion Practices –InPUT study

Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) in Very Elderly Intensive care Patients

Multicenter ObserVational Study on PracticE of VeNTilation In Brain Injured PAtIeNts

SQUEEZE is a prospective multicentre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor usage

Completed Research projects

More details about endorsed projects

List of endorsed projects

Practice Pattern Variation in Discontinuing Mechanical Ventilation in Critically-ill Adults: An International Prospective Observational Study
Lead Investigator: Karen E.A. Burns

DALI – Defining Antibiotic Levels in Intensive care unit patients
Lead investigator: Jeffrey Lipman

The use of MRI derived biomarkers to predict consciousness recovery in TBI, aSAH, ICH and HIE patients
Lead Investigator: Louis Puybasset

AspICU2 – Invasive Fungal Disease in the ICU
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

• Prospective, randomised, multi-centre trial of lateral trendelenburg versus semi-recumbent body position in mechanically ventilated patients for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia
Principal investigators: Gianluigi Li Bassi and Mauro Panigada

EGUARD – Early e-guided use of antibiotics related to resistance data
Lead investigator: Claudia Spies

CAPUCI II – Community Acquired Pneumonia in Europe
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

MOnIToR – Monitoring Organ Donors to Improve Transplantation Results
Lead investigator: Rupert Pearse

IMPROVE-ICU – International Multicentre one day Prevalence ObserVational study for dElirium on ICU
Lead investigator: Claudia Spies

ELOISE – European mortality & Length Of ICU Stay Evaluation
Lead investigator: Maurizia Capuzzo

EuSOS – European Surgical Outcomes Study
Lead investigator: Rupert Pearse

Lead investigator: Oliver Karam

ReFIT – Resuscitation from Shock Using Functional Haemodynamic Monitoring
Lead Investigator: Michael R. Pinsky

GENOSEPT – Genetics of Sepsis in Europe
Lead Investigator: Frank Stueber

Lead Investigator: Manu Malbrain

H1N1 Flu – H1N1 Flu Registry on Intensive Care
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

EURO-BACT– Epidemiology and outcome of Hospital-acquired bacteremia (HAB) in 2010
Jean-François Timsit for the Eurobact steering committee

Lead Investigator: Michael Hiesmayr

IHPOTOTAM – Induced Hypothermia to treat Adult Meningitis
Lead Investigator: Bruno Mourvillier

CoBaTrICE-IT – Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe – Innovation Transfer
Lead Investigator: Julian Bion

CoBaTrICE – Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe
Lead Investigator: Julian Bion

CORTICUS – Corticosteroid therapy of septic shock
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

Lead Investigator: Julian Millo

ELDICUS – Triage decision making for the elderly in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

IPOC – International Programme for Resource use in Critical Care
Lead Investigator: David Edbrooke

PRICE – Physical Restraints in Intensive Care in Europe
Lead Investigator: Julie Benbenishty

SAPS 3 – From the evaluation of the individual patient to the evaluation of the ICU
Lead Investigator: Rui Moreno

SEE & SEE 2 – Sentinel Events Evaluation
Lead Investigator: Andreas Valentin

List of supported projects

• Sentinel Events Evaluation 3 (SEE 3), a Multinational observational study on safety of intrahospital transport in intensive care patients
Lead Investigator: Andreas Valentin, Institution: Rudolfstiftung Hospital, Vienna, Austria

• Monitoring resuscitation in severe sepsis and septic shock ‘MORESS‘, a prospective randomised multicentre study
Lead Investigator: Xaime García Nogales, Hospital de Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

• Cardiovascular Monitoring & Management in Austrian, German and Swiss Intensive Care Units – The ICU CardioMan Study
Lead Investigators: Daniel Reuter and Michael Sander

• DecoloniSation strategies in Intensive Care

PROSAFE – Promoting patient safety and quality improvement in critical care
Lead investigator: Guido Bertolini

ASP-ICU – Aspergillus in Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

EVIDENCE – Evidence of Infection Prevention in Intensive Care Nurses’ Daily Practice
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

SATURN – Impact of Specific Antibiotic Therapies on the prevalence of hUman host ResistaNt bacteria
Lead investigator: MJM Bonten

CALOR 2003 – Severe heat stroke admitted to ICUs across Europe in August 2003: an observational survey
Lead Investigator: Djillali Annane

EPIC II – European Prevalence of Infection in Intensive Care II
Lead Investigator: Jean-Louis Vincent

AKI-EPI – Acute Kidney Injury – Epidemiologic Prospective Investigation
Lead Investigator: Eric Hoste

ETHICATT – Systematic Study of General Ethical Principles Involved in End of Life Decisions for Patients in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

EU-VAP/CAP – Pneumonia in Patients requiring mechanical ventilation in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

GAINS – Genomic Advances in Sepsis
Lead Investigator: Charles Hinds

GLUCONTROL – Comparative effects of two glucose control regiments by insulin in ICU patients
Lead Investigator: Jean-Charles Preiser

EUROBEDHEAD – European evidence-based consensus recommendation on bed head elevation policies for mechanically ventilated patients
Lead investigator: Barbara Niël-Weise


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