Endorsed Research Projects

ESICM rules for the endorsement of research projects can be downloaded here.

Download the application form for project endorsement here.

If you wish to apply for endorsement or if you have any questions, please write to research@esicm.org

Procedures for ethical committees vary across countries. In order to facilitate the organisation of your trial you can find relevant information on the European Network of Research Ethics Committees website and on the WHO National Committees database.

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Current Research Projects

Core outcome set of daily monitoring of gastrointestinal function in critically ill patients.

Use of Non-Invasive Methods for Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury when invasive ICP is not available (in Low income countries). The Minimal TBI study

A European Survey on MIgRAnts in the Intensive Care Unit

ReLatIonship BEtween implementation of evidence-based and suppoRtive ICU cAre and ouTcomes of patIents with acute respiratOry distress syndrome – The ICU LIBERATION Study

Use & management of non-invasive methods to assess intracranial pressure in TBI patients in LMIC (+ in HIC when there are contraindications to invasive methods): a consensus & clinical recommendation

Long-term impAct in inTEnsive caRe survivors oF CORonavirus disease 19

Prone Positioning for invasively ventilated patients with COVID-19: an interactive, web-based, multicenter, observational registry


Communication with an artificial airway – a Core Outcome Set (COS)

SKin and soft tissue necrotizing INfections in the Intensive Care Unit: a prospective multi-national cohort study

PRone positioN in patients with spontanEous ventiLation and acute hypoxemic respIratory FailurE (PRONELIFE)

INTOXICated pAtients ouTcome in Europe and other continents

International Point Prevalence Study of Intensive Care Unit Transfusion Practices –InPUT study

Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) in Very Elderly Intensive care Patients

Multicenter ObserVational Study on PracticE of VeNTilation In Brain Injured PAtIeNts

SQUEEZE is a prospective multicentre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor usage

Completed Research projects

More details about endorsed projects


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