Ongoing activities

The Systematic Review Group (SRG) is composed of statisticians, methodologists and intensivists with great experience in conducting systematic reviews. Calls for proposals from Sections are organised through the year to select Systematic Review projects, the proposing sections must be prepared to provide the content expertise, and will be expected to perform the majority of the activities of the review, including searching, data extraction, analysis, and writing. The SRG will assist in project planning & management, logistical and methodological support as required.

In 2019, in total four proposals have been selected:

  • “Physiologic meta-analysis of PEEP-induced lung recruitment measured by volume-pressure curves in ARDS patients” (ARF Section)
  • “Norepinephrine in critically ill adult patients with circulatory shock: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis” (CD Section)
  • “Hypophosphatemia in the ICU: prevalence, risk factors and outcome ” (MEN Section)
  • “Association between mean arterial pressure and acute kidney injury in critically ill adult patients” (AKI section)

In 2017, one proposal has been selected: “Palliative Care Interventions in Intensive Care Unit patients – a systematic review and outlook for development” (ETHICS Section). The protocol is registered on Prospero and is published in Systematic Reviews Journal.


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