European Diploma in Advanced Critical Care EchoCardiography

The European Diploma in Advanced Critical Care EchoCardiography (EDEC) is a curriculum offered by ESICM to practitioners who have acquired a basic level of competence in critical care echocardiography (CCE) and would like to extend their competencies to an advanced level.


The entry criteria to start the EDEC Curriculum are:

  • To be a recognised intensivist (no longer in training)
  • To have attended a basic course in echocardiography within the last two years (certificate of attendance)
  • To have selected a mentor and a supervisor to validate your TTE & TEE reports. Click here for the list of the EDEC approved supervisors.

The EDEC Guidelines will provide you with information on the curriculum and the examination.

Please note. The EDEC Committee is reviewing the current guidelines and an updated version will be available on the ESICM website soon.

To collect points, the EDEC Committee provides learning components in line with the latest advances in continuous medical education (CME).

  • Clinical Case Course: 6 points
  • Monothematic Sessions: 4 points/session
  • EDEC Advanced Course on Critical Care Echocardiography (mandatory course): 12 points
  • Webcasts: 1 point/webcast
  • Virtual Reality Experience (VRE): 1point/VRE
  • Recognised Courses: 3 points for a 1-day course, 6 points for a 2-day (or more) course 

To be eligible for the exam, the EDEC participants need to have:

  • A minimum of 30 TTE and 10 TEE reports uploaded and also validated by the mentor and supervisor;
  • Attended the Advanced Course.

A participant may sit the examination at any time during the 24 months.

For the diploma to be awarded, the EDEC participants must have:

  • Collected 40 points;
  • Completed the logbook (100 TTE and 35 TEE);
  • Passed the 3 parts of the examination.

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