The ESICM Journal Review Club (EJRC)

The EJRC began in 2012, with members from the NEXT committee submitting short article reviews of recent publications on a range of topics related to intensive care medicine. The group of contributors has grown over the past years to include regular submissions from N&AHP committee members as well as topical reviews from active members within ESICM’s scientific sections.

Are you a dedicated reader of ICM research? Do you have a particular area of interest?

Are you able to summarise an article, note its limitations and clinical implications with clarity?

Can you commit to contributing reviews on a bimonthly or quarterly basis?

Perhaps the ESICM Journal Review Club is for you! ESICM Members are welcome to contact the Chair of their section and/or ESICM Editorial & Publishing Committee with review proposals. See some general guidelines for proposals of submissions below.

Article reviews should be on articles that have been published within the last six months.

Proposed articles should be submitted to the Communication team before preparing the review, to ensure that there is no repetition of articles.

Article reviews should be brief (about 400 words), including general rationale for the article concept, reference & link to the article, why it is clinically relevant (this can be in bullet-points) and the take-home message.

Article Reviews