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Each month, one of our scientific sections organises a one-hour interactive session led by top experts, featuring a hot topic related to clinical practice.

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We also offer interactive webinars from our two representative groups, N&AHP and NEXT, as well as industry partner supported sessions.

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  • ESICM Partner Webinars do not include CME accreditation.

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Webcast – SSC

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign Hour-1 Bundle

Presented by Laura E. Evans and Andrew Rhodes

Moderator: Mitchell M. Levy

Date: Friday 10th August 2018

Time: 16:00 CET

Attend this free Surviving Sepsis Campaign® (SSC) webcast to learn more about the Hour-1 bundle released after being updated to reflect the latest evidence from the International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2016.

The “sepsis bundle” has been central to the implementation of the SSC since the first publication of evidence-based guidelines in 2004. Developed separately from recommendations in the guidelines, the 3- and 6-hour bundles have been cornerstones of sepsis quality improvement across the globe. In this webcast, expert faculty will cover the below learning objectives, as well as answer questions about the new Hour-1 Bundle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise changes in the SSC Hour-1 Sepsis Bundle, modified from the earlier 6- and 3-hour bundles
  • Articulate the relationship between the Hour-1 Sepsis Bundle and the 2016 SSC Guidelines
  • Discover opportunities to apply the Hour-1 Bundle to enhance the care and management of patients suffering from sepsis and septic shock

Registration for this session is now open for all (need to create a free SCCM profile to register):

ESICM Webinar – HSRO

Does intensive care confer any benefit after surgery?

Presented by Rupert Pearse

Moderator: Michelle Chew

Date: Thursday 6th September 2018

Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Topics to be covered:

  • Description of the high-risk surgical population
  • What is the impact of failure to rescue and what are the benefits of critical care?
  • Conclusion / take-home messages

Registration for this session is now open for all:

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