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Structure and Organisation

The Society consists of, and is managed by, the following groups:

  • The General Membership
  • The Council
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Divisions: Scientific Affairs, Professional Development and Administrative Affairs

General Membership
Besides profiting from the various benefits ESICM offers, many members actively participate to help shape the Society and to move its important initiatives forward.

The base for many activities is formed by ESICM’s scientific sections
Currently 13 topical scientific sections exist, focusing on differing areas within the discipline, such as Respiratory Failure, Sepsis, Ethics, among others. In addition, there are a number of active Working Groups, which gather members across sections to work together on scientific and educational initiatives.

Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals are represented in ESICM through the N&AHP Committee, which is active at all levels of the organisation.

The Council influences and controls decisions on all levels of the Society’s affairs.  Its national and international delegates reflect the regional and geographical reach of the Society.

The Divisions of Administrative Affairs, Scientific Affairs and Professional Development consist of several committees and sub committees and organise the various activities of the ESICM, such as congresses, research activities and training programmes. The divisions are coordinated and led by the Executive Committee, which is responsible for all business issues of the Society.

The General Assembly takes place each year during the annual congress.  All ESICM members are invited to participate. It is the occasion whereby the Executive Committee reports on the business activities of the society. The General Assembly has moreover the duty to vote about acceptance, or rejection, of proposals, such as statute changes.

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ESICM Statutes

The first Statutes of the Society were written in March 1982 at the foundation meeting held in Geneva at the WHO (World Health Organisation). The latest version is available here:

Statutes: July 2021 (PDF) [EN]

Statutes: July 2021 (PDF) [FR]


The Statutes are accompanied by the Standard Operating Procedures of the Society, which contain additional information, as well as Internal Operating Instructions: they describe in detail important information about the daily work of the Society and include descriptions of committees, positions and procedures.

General Standard Operating Procedures – 2023 (PDF)

Administrative Secretariat

Rue Belliard, 19
BE – 1040 Brussels

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ESICM Office

ESICM’s permanent administrative office is located in Brussels, Belgium. The office is managed by a Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the Executive Committee and directed by the ESICM General Secretary. The Brussels office staff are responsible for the daily work related to all the Society’s activities.


Representative Groups


The representative body of ESICM nurses and allied healthcare members.

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A Steering Committee that speaks on behalf of trainees and helps shape the future of the Society and of the discipline.

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Sections and Project Group Subcommittees

Acute Kidney Injury

Join the AKI Group
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Acute Respiratory Failure

Join the ARF Group
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Anaesthesia & Peri-operative Medicine

Join the APM Group
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Cardiovascular Dynamics

Join the CD Group
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Data Science

Join the DS Group
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Join the Ethics Group
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Feeding, Rehabilitation, Endocrinology & Metabolism

Join the FREM Group
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Health Services Research & Outcome

Join the HSRO Group
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Join the INF Group
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Neuro-Intensive Care

Join the NIC Group
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Systemic Inflammation and Sepsis

Join the SIS Group
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Translational Biology Section

Join the TransBio Group
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Trauma and Emergency Medicine

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Global Intensive Care Group

Join the Global IC Group
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Join the Physiotherapy Group
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