ESICM’S 2021 Research Awards

The ESICM Research and Industry Awards offer “something for everyone”, from junior to more experienced researchers, and from basic to clinical research.

Jan De Waele, Chair of the ESICM Research Committee, outlines the process and different categories of awards.

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MEN News

Section and Project Group

The Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition section is led by Mette M. Berger and Gunnar Elke.

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Research – Research Projects

A multicentre, placebo-controlled double-blind phase III randomised clinical trial to examine the effect of high-dose vitamin D3 on 28-day mortality in adult critically ill patients with severe vitamin D deficiency

To date, only 7 interventions (e.g. non invasive ventilation, prone positioning…) have demonstrated a mortality benefit for ICU patients in multicentre trials. If proven to be beneficial, vitamin D treatment in critically ill patients could be immediately implemented worldwide.

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Intestinal-Specific Organ Function Assessment. To prospectively evaluate the value of gastrointestinal symptoms alone and in combination with Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP), and Acute Gastrointestinal Injury (AGI) grades

To determine whether biochemical markers (plasma and urine) of intestinal injury are of additional prognostic value compared to clinical gastro-intestinal symptoms and AGI grades.

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Prospective, observational, multicentre study of gastrointestinal dysfunction in critically-ill patients. Development of gastrointestinal failure score


Gastrointestinal symptoms during the first week of intensive care are associated with poor outcome: a prospective multicentre study.

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The specific aim of this project is to assess nutritional therapy in ICUs on a specific date in order to detect correlations between nutritional therapies and outcome based on a large European sample.


NutritionDay in Nursing Homes – The Association of Nutritional Intake and Nutritional Interventions With 6-Month Mortality in Malnourished Residents.
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NutritionDay: 10 years of growth
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Comparative effects of two glucose control regiments by insulin in ICU patients. This project, which is now over, aimed at defining whether a tight glucose control by insulin improved the vital outcome in a mixed population of critically-ill patients.


A prospective randomised multi-centre controlled trial on tight glucose control by intensive insulin therapy in adult intensive care units: the Glucontrol study.
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Glucontrol, no control, or out of control?
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Relevant research

Yaseen M. Arabi et al. The intensive care medicine research agenda in nutrition and metabolism.
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Annane D et al. Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Critical Illness-Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency (CIRCI) in Critically Ill Patients (Part I)
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Yaseen M. Arabi and Jean-Charles Preiser, A critical view on primary and secondary outcome measures in nutrition trials.
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François Bagate et al. Association between relative adrenal insufficiency and septic cardiomyopathy: a preliminary report.
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Matteo Bassetti et al. Antimicrobial resistance in the next 30 years, humankind, bugs and drugs: a visionary approach.
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Gennaro Martucci et al. The effect of high-dose cholecalciferol on bioavailable vitamin D levels in critically ill patients: a post hoc analysis of the VITdAL-ICU trial.
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Article Reviews

Pantoprazole prophylaxis in ICU patients with high severity of disease
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IRON supplementation in ICU patients: The IRONMAN Trial
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Abnormal liver tests in ICU patients: What do they really signal?
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NICE-SUGAR: Glucose Control in Traumatic Brain Injury
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Nutrition in the acute phase of critical illness: Recent findings
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Suggested talks

Sodium Lactate to Improve Organ Function?

In this icTV interview, Chair of the Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition (MEN) section Carole Ichai discusses sodium lactate and the positive role it can play in critically ill patients – namely  improving organ oxygenation.

Want to know more? Carole Ichai presented on sodium lactate in sepsis at LIVES 2017. You can view the full webcast on e-LIVES here.

Visit our e-LIVES platform to see more…


In this interview, Kathy Rowan reveals results from the CALORIES trial which compared early nutritional support with parenteral versus enteral routes. She also shares her thoughts on the clinical impact of the results and provides details about the next steps.
These results were presented at the Hot Topics Session at LIVES 2014 in Barcelona and simultaneously published in NEJM.

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Nutrition and metabolism in the critically ill patient: What we know

In this icTV interview, we sit down with Greet Van den Berghe to discuss where we are with regards to nutrition practice in the ICU: What do we know definitively? What questions still remain unanswered? And of course, what about glucose?

A paper featuring key research priorities on nutrition and metabolism noted by Van den Berghe and colleagues was recently published in Intensive Care Medicine. Read the article in ICM here.

Are humans capable of modulating their immune response at will?

icTV sits down with Peter Pickkers to discuss his fascinating study which attempted to challenge the belief that the autonomic nervous and immune systems cannot be voluntarily influenced by utilising a short-term training programme, consisting of meditation, breathing techniques and cold exposure.