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The Neuro-Intensive Care section is led by Geert Meyfroidt.

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Research – Research Projects

TRansfusion strategies in Acute brain INjured patients is a prospective multicentre randomised interventional study.

This trial will assess the impact of two different strategies to administer blood transfusions in a large cohort of critically ill patients with a primary brain injury.


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An international prospective observational StudY on iNtrAcranial PreSsurE (ICP) in intensive care (ICU). Uncertainties remain around ICP monitoring both in traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, and variation in clinical practice of ICP monitoring exists between ICUs.

The objectives of the study are to explore ICP monitoring variation in practice in order to prioritise uncertainties in the clinical management of critical care patients with acute brain injury and support further collaborative hypotheses based prospective studies.

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EURopean study on Encephalitis in intensive Care. This is a prospective observational multicentre study in European ICUs. All patients admitted to the ICU for probable or confirmed AE (2013 IDSA criteria) will be included.

The main aims of the project are to describe the epidemiology and outcomes of patients admitted to the ICU with all-cause acute (meningo-) encephalitis in European countries.


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Extubation Strategies in Neuro-Intensive Care it patients and association with Outcomes (ENIO) – a multicentre international observational study

If you want to participate, please contact Raphael Cinotti.

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Research – Surveys

Current Practices for Neurological Prognostication after Cardiac Arrest. The aim of this survey was to investigate the current practice and timing of neurological prognostication after cardiac arrest in European ICUs.


Friberg H et al., Survey on current practices for neurological prognostication after cardiac arrest.

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SUMMA: SUrvey on Fever Monitoring and Management in Patients with Acute Brain Injury

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The aim of the survey was to investigate the practices of RBC transfusion in patients with primary acute brain injury and the exact haemoglobin thresholds that trigger RBC transfusion in this specific ICU population.

Relevant research

Slooter AJC et al. Updated nomenclature of delirium and acute encephalopathy: statement of ten Societies
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Nicolas Weisset al. Understanding haepatic encephalopathy.
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Ary Serpa Neto et al. Known and unknown potentially modifiable factors contributing to outcome in brain-injured patients who need mechanical ventilatory support. Discussion on ‘The BI-VILI project: a nationwide quality improvement project’.
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Article Reviews

Fever control in critically ill adults
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TTM: Is 48 hours at 33ºC better than 24?
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Modifiable factors contributing to sepsis-associated encephalopathy?
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Decompressive Craniectomy for Traumatic Intracranial Hypertension?
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Mens sana in corpore sano: new guidelines on delirium, analgesia and sedation in the ICU
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Continuous Monitoring of Spinal Cord Pressure Possible after Spinal Cord Injury
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