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The Data Science section’s mission is to promote techniques and technology to improve outcomes by turning data into better care.

Its goals are to:

  1. Provide education for clinicians interested in developing or appraising new technology.
  2. Promote research into clinical applications of data-driven healthcare, encouraging translation of novel computing and artificial intelligence techniques.
  3. Drive data-sharing across Europe in a legal, ethical and publicly-acceptable way.
  4. Promote standard setting (e.g. for Electronic Medical Records) and benchmarking, as well as ensuring technology is aligned to the needs of patients and clinicians.
  5. Create a collaborative framework, facilitating the collaboration of ICU professionals, data scientists, engineers, legal and ethical experts, as well as engaging industry partners for patient benefit.

The Data Science section is led by Ari Ercole and Paul Elbers.

DS News

If you are an ESICM member interested in data science, including electronic health records, information technology, big data analysis or machine learning, you may be interested in joining the Data Science Section. You can do this by selecting the Data Science as a section of interest/voting section in your member info, by logging into your membership profile here.

Additionally, the Data Science Section aims to have at least one intensivist per intensive care unit in Europe as a contact person. The Data Science Section will primarily invite these contact persons to participate in important matters related to electronic health care use and data sharing.

If you would like to be the contact person for your ICU, please contact the Section Chair, Ari Ercole, or Deputy Chair, Paul Elbers, directly.

Project Group

Technology Assessment and Health Informatics (TAHI).

This group is chaired by Theodoros Kyprianou and Marius Terblanche.

TAHI plays a regular role in the ESICM by contributing to the major meetings.
The TAHI group holds its annual meeting at the ESICM congress and launched the highly popular “Tech Lounge” at LIVES 2018 in Vienna.



Free live webinars are available for members & non members on the ESICM Media Library.

Research – Trials

iCareWean “Weaning from mechanical ventilation: comparison of open-loop decision support system and routine care, in general medical ICU”.

The BEACON care system is an open-loop decision support device that works alongside current ventilator systems in the intensive care unit.

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Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe – Innovation Transfer. The CoBaTrICE project created an international competency-based programme for ICM.

More information:

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Research – Surveys

What is the influence of Wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions? This survey evaluated how important Wikipedia, Google and other web resources have become in the daily work of intensive care professionals.


Rössler B et al. Influence of wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions. a web-based survey

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Relevant Research

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine : Álvaro J. Roldán-Reina et al. The dark side of the swan.
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Daniele Poole et al. Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: Statistical tools for development of prognostic models (why clinicians should not be ignored).
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Article Reviews

Is high use health information technology having a negative impact on the ICU team and patient care?
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The Value of E-Learning for the Prevention of HAIs
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EU Policies

On eHealth

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On Health Technology Assessment

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On data collection

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