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The Perioperative Intensive Care section is led by Aarne Feldheiser and Ben Creagh-Brown.

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Research – Research Projects

SQUEEZE is a prospective multicentre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor usage.

The study is lead by Dr. Ib JAMMER (Haukeland University Hospital – Bergen, Norway) and Dr. Ben Creagh-Brown (Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Guidlford, United Kingdom)

Initiated in the ESICM POIC Section, this is a European Society of Anaesthesiology Clinical Trial Network (ESA CTN) sponsored study and it has been endorsed by ESICM. Would your hospital like to join this study as an actively contributing research centre? The ‘Call for Centres form’ must be filled in online.

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Research – Surveys

SQUEEZE is a prospective multi-centre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor usage.

This survey has been endorsed by ESICM- POIC  Section and ESA.

The goal is to evaluate the proportion of non-cardiac surgical patients receiving postoperative vasopressors, the characteristics of patients, surgery and anaesthesia that lead to postoperative vasopressor use.

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Candida prophylaxis and treatment in intensive care patients after abdominal surgery in Europe.

The aims of this survey are to document the extent of clinical practice variability in initiation of antifungal therapy in surgical critically ill patients.

Relevant research

Michael A. Gillies et al. Current research priorities in perioperative intensive care medicine.
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Nicola Latronico et al. The ICM research agenda on intensive care unit-acquired weakness.
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Pratik P. Pandharipande et al. The intensive care delirium research agenda: a multinational, interprofessional perspective.
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Mortality after surgery in Europe: a 7 day cohort study. EuSOS and ESICM.
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A Randomised Clinical Trial of Ultrasound-Guided Infra-Clavicular Cannulation of the Subclavian Vein in Cardiac Surgical Patients: Short-Axis Versus Long-Axis Approach
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Article Reviews

Potential indication for Non-Invasive Ventilation following abdominal surgery
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Cardiac output–guided haemodynamic therapy in high-risk surgical patients
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Propofol vs. sevoflurane in valvular heart surgery
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