The International Nursing Advanced Competency-based Training for Intensive Care study (INACTIC)




A sub-committee of the N&AHP Committee has secured a grant of €142,000 from the EU Erasmus Plus fund to develop an international set of competencies and education resources for Advanced Level Critical Care Nurses.

The objective of this project is to define the core competencies required of a nurse working at an advanced level in intensive care and to develop a curriculum from these competencies.


This project started in October 2017 and will be completed in January 2020.


Consensus methods will be used to enable interested stakeholders (ICU nurses, educators, patients and their relatives) from across Europe to identify and prioritise core competencies, which will be internationally applicable but able to accommodate local requirements. Following development of the competencies, they will be tested in a number of countries to determine applicability, feasibility and acceptability. A curriculum will be developed, based on the competencies, and a prototype educational resource will be developed from existing ESICM resources.


A study of 27 months, with a series of work packages. The main activity is a three-round Delphi study to develop competency statements. The project will finish in January 2020.

Do I need IRB approval?

The Delphi study has been reviewed by the IRB at the University of Plymouth (United Kingdom). As no patients are recruited (or patient data collected), additional local approval is not expected.

How is the data that is collected managed?

The Delphi survey responses are anonymised and cannot be linked to individual respondents. The data is stored securely and all procedures regarding data management will comply with EU directive on data protection 95/46/EC.


ERASMUS+ Programme Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


We will be working with universities, hospitals and nursing societies across Europe and with the patient charity, ICUsteps, who will provide a unique patient and carer perspective on the competencies.

Who are the partners?

Full Partners

  • Plymouth University, United Kingdom
  • ESICM, Brussels
  • Gent University, Belgium
  • Region Hovedstaden, Denmark
  • ICUsteps patient charity, United Kingdom

Associate partners:

  • Israeli Society of Critical Care Nurses, Israel
  • Athens Military Hospital, Greece
Any further Questions?



We are seeking experts in intensive care nursing, i.e. an intensive care nurse with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and working clinically on average 1 day a week in the ICU.

We are seeking to develop competencies for expert/advanced nursing practice in intensive care nursing throughout Europe. Ultimately, we aim to develop a European competency-based training package for ICU nurses.

We would like to know what you consider an expert intensive care nurse could do in your country. We are conducting a three round Delphi study and looking for expert ICU nurses to join the study

We’d appreciate your help; if you’re interested, please click the following link to start the survey: Survey in English