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Fellowship Programme

Advanced Haemodynamic Monitoring


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Pain, Agitation and Delirium Management


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Infections in ICU:
Modern         Management


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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Management


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To promote and facilitate mobility of young intensivists


Designed by and for members of NEXT, E-MOVE is an online career development tool you can use to discover:

  • How ICM training is organised throughout Europe
  • How to validate your qualifications and register as a doctor in different European countries
  • What it is like to live in different countries (from health insurance to childcare)
  • Information about ESICM NEXT Fellowships that might suit your training needs!
  • Career Centre

General info about Europe/ICM

  • Directive 2005/36/EC
  • Summary of ICM training across the European union

Is moving abroad right for me? When is the best time to go abroad during my training? How should I get organised? How to choose the best centre for my learning goals?

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The programme will establish mentorship relations between ICM trainees or young specialists and international ICM experts.

• How to apply to become a NEXT-Mentee
• List of NEXT-Mentors

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To boost your career opportunities


ESICM NEXT trainees and young specialists, we are delighted to announce a new opportunity to boost your career opportunities, research productivity, and personal growth: The NEXT-Mentoring Project.

Join the NEXT-Mentoring Project & become a mentee of an ESICM faculty member!

  • Get help with planning and conducting your research projects
  • “Go international” by networking with your cross-border mentor and increase mobility in your work
  •  Get expert advice about your ICM training and career development


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European Diploma in ICM (EDIC)
European Diploma in advanced critical care EchoCardiography (EDEC)

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