March 11, 2024

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Brain health depends on the close matching of metabolic demands to the appropriate delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of cellular waste. The oxygen level in cerebral tissue is a crucial element that impacts nerve and glial cell functions.

Cerebral oxygen delivery is determined by blood oxygen content (haemoglobin, saturation, and small amount of dissolved oxygen) and cerebral blood flow, which is largely dependent on cardiac output (stroke volume x heart rate), as well as other factors such as carbon dioxide tension. The oxygen cascade is a multistep physiologic pathway, where oxygen is transported from the atmosphere to the mitochondria. This process requires the integration of different patterns and respiratory, cardiovascular, microcirculatory, and mitochondrial processes.

To discuss this phenomenon in critical patients listen to the experts’ discussion in the webinar.

This webinar is organised by the ESICM Neuro-Intensive Care Section.

Aims & Objectives

  • To get familiar with the cerebral oxygenation
  • To learn about the evidence of cerebral oxygenation in TBI
  • Discuss the role of cerebral oxygenation in non-TBI patients 

Topics & Speakers 

Cerebral oxygenation: what it is and what it is not
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh (US)

Cerebral oxygenation in TBI: what is the evidence? 
Jean-François PAYEN
Grenoble University Hospital, Grenoble (FR)

Any role in non-TBI patients (SAH, cardiac arrest…)?
Raimund HELBOK
Medical University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck (AT)


Chiara ROBBA
San Martino Polyclinic Hospital, Genova (IT).
Chair of the ESICM Neuro-Intensive Care Section.

Hospital Bichat – Claude Bernard, Paris (FR). 
Chair-Elect of the ESICM Neuro-Intensive Care Section.


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