This new initiative will cover the management of patients suffering from sepsis with a strong focus on the role & value of diagnostic tests. It is designed as an educational journey from the early signs of sepsis to the post-sepsis syndrome and it will grant:

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What you need to know

Thursday 16 June 2022, 15:30-17:00 CEST ~ Clinical presentation of sepsis, early signs & patients at risk

This first session is intended to set the stage for the series. It will showcase early signs of sepsis and patients at risk with a question to answer: how can we detect sepsis earlier from both the physician and nurse’s perspective? How can diagnostics help identify patients who may develop sepsis?

Thursday 23 June 2022, 15-30-17:00 CEST ~ Sepsis: early diagnosis & management

The second live interactive session will tackle the early diagnosis and management of sepsis patients according to the latest surviving sepsis guidelines and the role diagnostic plays in this early phase.

Tuesday 28 June 2022, 15-30-17:00 CEST ~ Sepsis complications

This session will cover the most common complications of sepsis: AKI, ARDS… and how diagnostic tests can support the diagnostic and the follow up of these complications.

Tuesday 07 July 2022, 15-30-17:00 CEST ~ Sepsis and Antimicrobial Resistance

Sepsis will be examined in direct relation to antimicrobial resistance. How can we offer septic patients the best possible care and, at the same time, tackle antimicrobial resistance by evaluating the role of diagnostic tests in antimicrobial stewardship (AMS)?

Tuesday 12 July 2022, 15-30-17:00 CEST ~ Post-Sepsis Syndrome (PSS) & life after sepsis: the patient voice

Life after sepsis isn’t often in the spotlight. In this last session, we aim to present the PSS through the patient’s voice.

  • You will be able to follow a thorough educational series based on keynote talks and live discussions on real clinical situations.
  • The outstanding experts’ panel for each one of the webinars will facilitate helpful information on the management of sepsis from the early signs to post-sepsis syndrome.
  • During the live sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss and share your experience with the participants and the experts.

This course targets intensive care doctors and nurses from every corner of the world who have a special interest in sepsis management.

  • Learn how to spot sepsis earlier from both a clinician and a nurse’s perspective
  • Discuss how to use diagnostics properly for identification of those patients who could develop sepsis
  • Review the latest surviving sepsis surviving guidelines
  • Consider the most common complication of sepsis (including AKI, ARDS etc.)
  • Learn how diagnostic tests can support the diagnosis of these complications and can help with the follow-up
  • Discuss how to offer the best possible care to septic patients and the role of diagnostic tests in fighting antimicrobial resistance
  • Understand the post-sepsis syndrome through the patient’s voice

Management of sepsis from early signs to post-sepsis syndrome has been granted 5 CME credits.

Certificates of achievement with a maximum of 5 CME credits will be provided to those who complete the full training programme. Each session awards 1 CME credit.

On the ESICM Academy, you should complete the post-webinar quizzes and the satisfaction questionnaires to claim your CME Credits. You have unlimited attempts at the quizzes, and you can take them at your ease. To enroll in the ESICM Academy, you will simply need to create an account.

20 free entries to the LIVES 2022 Annual Congress in Paris will be offered to the best scoring participants who:

  • have followed LIVE 3 out of 5 webinars on the ESICM TV
  • have watched the recording of the remaining 2 webinars on the ESICM Academy
  • have completed all 5 webinars’ quizzes
  • have scored the highest grade on the first attempt of all the quizzes. 

This webinar series is supported by an unrestricted educational grant by bioMérieux.

The content of the sessions has not been in any way influenced by its sponsor.