Become an EDIC II Examiner

The successes of the EDIC exams to date are primarily due to the diligent, hard-working support of a network of inspired people helping to make EDIC a relevant and necessary test of the knowledge and clinical skills of candidates who intend to work in intensive care.

As we are extending our pool of EDIC examiners, take advantage of this chance to get CME professional development, network with international experts and support the next generation of intensivists.


  • Be an ESICM member
  • Be a successful holder of the EDIC diploma or of other comparable postgraduate specialist certification in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Be an established specialist in current practice Intensive Care Medicine with broad acceptability among national peers and practising in Europe
  • Have an established track record in post-graduate training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe
  • Be trained as an examiner in Intensive Care Medicine or other post-graduate medical disciplines in Europe

Pre-exam preparation

After acceptance, you will be invited to formally observe an EDIC Part II exam centre and subsequently be recommended by the Exam Centre Director.

You will be considered as an EDIC Part II examiner after having benefited of the Train the Examiner workshop to be delivered during the exam session onsite.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating as an examiner in the EDIC II exam, please forward a brief email (and the following documents) to the EDIC Secretariat:

  • Your completed application form
  • A short CV
  • A copy of your diploma in Intensive Care Medicine

Exam dates & Centers

The next EDIC II Exam will take place online on May 7-8, 2024.

Examiners will gather in our centres in Brussels, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Hamburg, London, Porto, Prague, Vienna.

Please note: centres’ locations may vary in future editions of the exam.

For all queries: EDIC Secretariat.

Registration Process


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