EDIC Part I Examination

Spring 2021 – June 7th
Registration is set to open in February 2021.
The EDIC Committee is currently working hard to find the best online solution possible. Therefore, the registrations may be subject to postponing depending on the final capacity of the solution found.

Detailed information including new exam regulations will be published in January 2021.

The registration for the Spring 2021 examination includes EXCLUSIVE and time-limited access to the online EDIC I Preparation course*, which includes mock exam with EDIC-style MCQs. The access is not automatically given. The EDIC application must first be reviewed and validated.

Autumn 2021 – October 4th
More information will be published in due time.

*Note: This exclusive access on the ESICM Academy is only available to validated candidates of the EDIC I exam.

EDIC Part I Exam Description

The EDIC Part I examination is a multiple choice written examination in English. There are 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and each question trunk will have either four or five stems.

Questions are drawn from the entire spectrum of intensive care medicine, including basic medical science and physiology, pathophysiology of relevant diseases, interpretation of diagnostic data, therapeutics/toxicology, organ function replacement therapies, ethics and any other aspect relevant to the clinical ICM practice.

EDIC Part I Exam Marking System

For a correct answer to a type A question, 1 point is given, for a wrong or a blank answer 0 point. For a type K’ question, 1 point is given for 4 correct answers, 0.5 point for 3 out of 4 correct answers and 0 point for less then 3 correct answers. The pass mark is set on a content based standard setting procedure (modified Angoff method) by the Examinations Committee. To analyse the exam takes circa three weeks, thus candidates can expect to have their results approximately four weeks after the exam.

Required Documentation

  • Short version curriculum vitae
  • Letter of Confirmation from National or Regional primary specialty Training Authority (e.g. College or Society)
  • Documents/letter confirming your training in ICM or completion of ICM training programme
    • If you are in ICM training: Training Authority, supervisor or Head of Training
    • If you have completed your ICM training: Head of Department or Head of Training Programme or other representative who can attest to your having completed ICM training
    • If you are a specialist: Copy of University-awarded Medical Degree and current certificate of full medical registration

Important Information

  1. People who failed the written exam must wait at least one year prior to being allowed to sit the written exam again
  2. All candidates should receive an automatic electronic response when registration is complete. This message is NOT a confirmation that the candidate has a guaranteed seat. Your seat at the EDIC Part I exam is only guaranteed after the validation of your application by the office (by the closing date of applications)
  3. Candidates should wait for validation before making any travel arrangements (e.g. work leave, flight/hotel reservations, visa application, etc.) ESICM is not responsible for any costs incurred by validated or unvalidated candidates
  4. Candidates credit cards are not charged by ESICM until the validation process is complete. Note that some financial institutions may provisionally deduct the fee immediately upon entering the credit card data during registration, these funds are held by the individual bank – not ESICM, so any issues must be resolved by the candidate with their own bank.

Registration Process


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