The Data Science section’s mission is to promote techniques and technology to improve outcomes by turning data into better care.

It incorporates the former TAHI Project Group.

Its goals are to:

  1. Provide education for clinicians interested in developing or appraising new technology.
  2. Promote research into clinical applications of data-driven healthcare, encouraging translation of novel computing and artificial intelligence techniques.
  3. Drive data-sharing across Europe in a legal, ethical and publicly-acceptable way.
  4. Promote standard setting (e.g. for Electronic Medical Records) and benchmarking, as well as ensuring technology is aligned to the needs of patients and clinicians.
  5. Create a collaborative framework, facilitating the collaboration of ICU professionals, data scientists, engineers, legal and ethical experts, as well as engaging industry partners for patient benefit.


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Position Firstname Lastname City Country
Chair Paul Elbers Amsterdam The Netherlands
Research Committee Representative Ari Ercole Cambridge United Kingdom
Social Media and Digital Content Committee Representative To be announced
e-Learning Committee Representative Jose Gustavo Martins Vila Real Portugal
Clinical Training Committee Representative Harm Jan de Grooth Utrecht The Netherlands