The EDEC Candidate’s Logbook

The logbook is the tool, which records all echo reports produced by the EDEC curriculum participants. It reflects the practical experience acquired during the training.

To complete the logbook, the participants need to:

1. Perform the echo examination in their hospital
2. Upload the TTE/TEE reports in the EDEC Profile click here for the Logbook template.
3. Ask the mentor and supervisor to review and validate the reports
4. At the end of the curriculum, the logbook will be reviewed by the EDEC Committee.

A minimum of 100 transthoracic (TTE) and 35 transesophageal echocardiagraphy (TEE) is required to finalize the logbook.

The following outlines are provided as a framework to help participants with their task. Not all information will be expected or available for every echo report, but a high standard of reporting is anticipated by applicants for EDEC.

More information about the logbook can be found in the EDEC guidelines.


Online course for EDEC Supervisors,
Thursday 20th June, 2024, 10:00 – 12:00 CET (2h)

The course is offer only to EDEC Supervisors (Programme) which delves into the logbook process, clarifies the essential role of supervisors, provides guidance on interpreting the EDEC candidates’ logbook, introduces new rules, and aims to help you become more involved in the EDEC process and the ESICM educational activities.

The online course is mandatory for all supervisors, and we will have the support of Martin Balik, EDEC Chair, who will kindly offer a lecture on Echocardiography on ECMO, and the EDEC Committee members and experts.

Confirmation to the course is essential for ensuring the smooth planning and implementation, contributing to the overall success and the value it offers to all the supervisors and experts involved. More information, please kindly contact




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