EDEC Learning Components

The EDEC participants must collect 40 points, complete the Logbook and pass the EDEC Exam to be awarded the EDEC Diploma.

To secure the 40 points, the EDEC Committee provides learning components in line with the latest advances in continuous medical education (CME).

The participants are requested to upload the certificates to the EDEC profile to gather the points.

Date: 2024
Format: Online
EDEC Points: 6 points

Course Director: Philippe VIGNON MD, PhD Medical-surgical Intensive Care Unit, Dupuytren Teaching Hospital, Limoges, France

This 1-day course gives the opportunity to interact with EDEC Experts performing echo exams at the bedside of their patients and to discuss the different ways to improve their clinical situation.

Registration fees for the Clinical Course are included in the initial EDEC fees.

Date: October 21-22, 2023
Format:  On-site at LIVES MILAN
Location: Milan, Italy
EDEC Points: 12 points

Course Director: Philippe VIGNON MD, PhD Medical-surgical Intensive Care Unit, Dupuytren Teaching Hospital, Limoges, France

The Advanced Course on IC Echocardiography has been designed for intensivists, registered or not in the EDEC Curriculum, who would like to refine their knowledge on the subject.

This mandatory course should be undertaken within the first year of the EDEC Curriculum.

Accreditation: The Advanced Course in Intensive Care Echocardiography Course (Milan, Italy, 21/10/2023-22/10/2023) has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) for a maximum of 9 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).

Monothematic session: “Ultrasound in ventilator weaning

Date: November 8, 2023
Format: Online
EDEC Points: 4 points

Course director: Philippe VIGNON MD, PhD Medical-surgical Intensive Care Unit, Dupuytren Teaching Hospital, Limoges, France

Ventilator weaning is key in global ICU patient management. This session will illustrate how advanced echocardiography and critical care ultrasound can guide weaning, especially for patients at weaning failure risk.

Registration fees for the monothematic sessions are included in the initial EDEC fees.

Format: Online
EDEC Points: 1 point/webcast

A final pool of 10 selected webcasts (webinar recordings) will be made available in the online classroom (Academy). In order to get the EDEC points, the participants must watch the recordings and complete successfully the related quiz.

For the moment, the candidates can still watch all webinars from the previous years. However, no point can be collected.


Format: Online
EDEC Points: 1 point/virtual reality experience

In the following months, 2 virtual reality experience resources will be available in the online classroom (Academy). They will allow participants to undertake virtual reality-enhanced simulation training, for the achievement of specific practical skills required in advanced critical care EchoCardiography.

VRE Septic shock

  • Learning objectives:
    • Identify septic cardiomyopathy
    • Evaluate fluid responsiveness using ‘dynamic’ indices
    • Illustrate how to monitor the effects of a passive leg rising
    • Assess the cardiac response to inotropes.

VRE: Acute respiratory distress syndrome

  • Learning objectives:
    • To identify RV dilatation in ventilated ARDS patients and cardiovascular factors potentially participating in hypoxemia
    • To ascertain the tolerance of ventilatory settings using echocardiography in patients at risk of RV failure
    • To identify acute cor pulmonale and to adjust therapy
    • To illustrate the management of fluids in patients with acute cor pulmonale.

This component will be made available by the end of the year.

EDEC Points: 3 points for a one-day course, 6 points for a two-day course (or more)

Some courses are still under review and should be added soon.

Only the EDEC participants can access the EDEC online classroom at the Academy.




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