ESICM’S 2021 Research Awards

The ESICM Research and Industry Awards offer “something for everyone”, from junior to more experienced researchers, and from basic to clinical research.

Jan De Waele, Chair of the ESICM Research Committee, outlines the process and different categories of awards.

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TAHI Transversal Working Group

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Research – Trials

iCareWean “Weaning from mechanical ventilation: comparison of open-loop decision support system and routine care, in general medical ICU”.

The BEACON care system is an open-loop decision support device that works alongside current ventilator systems in the intensive care unit.

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Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe – Innovation Transfer. The CoBaTrICE project created an international competency-based programme for ICM.

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Research – Surveys

What is the influence of Wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions? This survey evaluated how important Wikipedia, Google and other web resources have become in the daily work of intensive care professionals.


Rössler B et al. Influence of wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions. a web-based survey

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Relevant Research

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine : Álvaro J. Roldán-Reina et al. The dark side of the swan.
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Daniele Poole et al. Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: Statistical tools for development of prognostic models (why clinicians should not be ignored).
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Article Reviews

Is high use health information technology having a negative impact on the ICU team and patient care?
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The Value of E-Learning for the Prevention of HAIs
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EU Policies

On eHealth

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On Health Technology Assessment

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On data collection

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Suggested Talk

Understanding Telemedicine in the ICU

What role does (or can) telemedicine play in a modern ICU?

Are redesigned ICUs with remote technology at the core a threat to human resources/jobs?

Marius Terblanche discusses common perceptions about the onslaught of telemedicine and the potential of this type of technology for intensive care. He also provides some insight on the tele-ICU programme currently being implemented in his unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London –  the first of its kind in the UK and Europe.