March 30, 2018

Intensive Care Medicine journal




Understanding the Disease ~ Takeshi Yoshida et al. Understanding spontaneous vs. ventilator breaths: Impact and monitoring.

From the Inside ~ Thomas Bein. Successful repair of aortic dissection, but no more playing with the grandsons.

Letter ~ Maja K. von Cube et al. Relative risk and population-attributable fraction of ICU death caused by susceptible and resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa ventilator-associated pneumonia: a competing risks approach to investigate the OUTCOMEREA database.

What’s New in Intensive Care ~ Geert Meyfroidt et al. Ten false beliefs in neurocritical care.

Editorial ~ James A. Russell et al. Using multiple ‘omics strategies for novel therapies in sepsis.

From the Inside ~ Guenther Frank. HES: time to change my mind?

Editorial ~ Timothy S. Walsh and Nicole P. Jufferman. New blood for old? High quality evidence that fresh red blood cells confer no benefit for critically ill patients.

Letter ~ Regis Goulart Rosa et al. More than the tip of the iceberg: association between disabilities and inability to attend a clinic-based post-ICU follow-up and how it may impact on health inequalities.

Correspondence ~ Francis Leclerc et al. Which organ dysfunction scores to use in children with infection?

Letter ~ Zhongheng Zhang et al. Scientific evidence underlying the recommendations of critical care clinical practice guidelines: a lack of high level evidence.

Letter ~ Rui-Xing Yin et al. Karoshi, a new epidemic in Chinese medical practitioners.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Dieter Frans Dauwe et al. Biphasic isolated systolic aortic regurgitation.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Nicolas Serck et al. Haepatic vein cannulation during veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Florence Dive et al. Atrio-oesophageal fistula following atrial fibrillation ablation procedure: diagnosis with cardiac CT.

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