October 9, 2016



EUPHRATES trial    

~Massimo Antonelli (Rome, Italy)

Effect of postextubation high-flow nasal cannula vs noninvasive ventilation on reintubation in high-risk patients a randomised noninferiority clinical trial 

~ Gonzalo Hernandez (Toledo, Spain)


Effect of conservative vs conventional oxygen therapy on mortality among patients in an intensive care unit: A randomised clinical trial

  ~ Massimo Girardis (Modena, Italy)

The EMPIRICUS randomised clinical trial: Effect of empiric treatment with micafungin on survival without invasive fungal infection among adults with ICU-acquired sepsis, Candida colonisation at multiple sites, and multiple organ failure

~ Jean-François Timsit (Paris, France)

Neuroprotective effect of therapeutic hypothermia versus standard care alone after convulsive status epilepticus: A multicentre randomised controlled trial   

  ~ Stephane Legriel (Versailles, France)

Levosimendan for the prevention of acute organ dysfunction in sepsis: The

LeoPARDS trial 

~ Anthony Gordon (London, United Kingdom)

Effect of a condolence letter on post-intensive care unit syndrome among relatives of patients who died in the ICU: A randomised clinical trial

~ Nancy Kentish-Barnes (Paris, France)

SIRS, qSOFA, and SOFA score as outcome predictors among infected critically ill patients: An external validation of the new sepsis definition 

~ Eamon P. Raith (Melbourne, Australia)   

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