Future Webinars

Registration for ESICM members (except when noted) will open at least two weeks prior to the webinar. Links can be found below.

Upcoming Webinars


Date: Thurs 21st September 2017
Time: 16:00 -17:00 CET
Presenter: Prof Ruth Endacott, UK
Moderator:  Prof Jos Latour, UK

This webinar will cover the following key points:

  • What does a 'good' discharge look like?
  • What does the evidence tell us?
  • How to prepare the family for discharge
  • How can we improve the patient's feeling of safety during the transfer and after discharge?

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Infection Section

"Managing multidrug resistant infections"

Date: Thurs 7th September 2017
Time: 16:00 -17:00 CET
Presented by José Garnacho-Montero (Seville, Spain), this webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What is a multi-drug resistant pathogen?
  • What are the risk factors for MDR-pathogen infections?
  • How to prevent transmission?
  • What are the therapeutic options in the empirical therapy?
  • What are the therapeutic options in the targeted therapy?

The learning objectives are as follows:

  1. To review the definition and epidemiology of MDR pathogen
  2. To know the therapeutic options in the empirical therapy
  3. To review are the therapeutic options in the targeted therapy
  4. To describe preventive measure to avoid MDR-bacteria transmission

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