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This event is currently in a provisionally compliant status with MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

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AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) Congresses and Meeting in Italy

In Italy congresses and meetings on topics related to the use of pharmaceuticals are governed by Article 124 of Legislative Decree 24 April 2006, N 219 (The Decree).

In Italy, any pharmaceutical company (not only Italian pharmaceutical companies since the congress will be held in Italy) that sponsors a congress on topics related to the use of its pharmaceutical products, must submit an application to the competent unit of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to obtain a specific authorization through a single intermediary who submits all requests for authorisation.

So, if your pharmaceutical company has a marketing authorization (MAH or AIC) or the companies responsible for the effective marketing of your pharmaceutical products and sponsor the congress on topics related to the use of your pharmaceutical products, you should contact Atlante Viaggi communicating your SIS code, by July 15th, 2023:

As per Italian law, the AIFA authorization is necessary

  • for each pharmaceutical company (with Marketing Authorization Holder or the companies responsible for the actual marketing of pharmaceutical products) sponsoring the congress on topics in any way related to the use of its own pharmaceutical products.

the AIFA authorization is not necessary

  • when a company promotes by advertising only medical devices or food supplements during a congress (products without Marketing Authorization)
  • when a company sponsors a meeting about topics not related to the use of any of its own medicinal products; in this case the company is not allowed to expose or distribute any kind of advertising material during the meeting (Section 9 art. 124 D.L. n.219/06)

For more information you must contact your Regulatory Office or your Italian branch to receive assistance in this procedure which is mandatory.