Elections 2017 Results


  • National Representative - Hungary: Csaba HERMANN
  • National Representative - Slovenia: Sergeja KOZAR

Congress Committee  

  • Chair, Cardiovascular Dynamics (CD): Thomas SCHEEREN (The Netherlands)
  • Chair, Health Services Research and Outcome (HSRO): Dylan DE LANGE (The Netherlands)
  • Chair, Perioperative Intensive Care (POIC): Ib JAMMER (Norway)

Research Committee

  • Deputy, Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF): Luigi CAMPOROTA (United Kingdom)
  • Deputy, Cardiovascular Dynamics (CD): Jan BAKKER (The Netherlands)
  • Deputy, Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition (MEN): Valentin FUHRMANN (Germany)
  • Deputy, Perioperative Intensive Care (POIC): Aarne FELDHEISER (Germany)

Examinations Committee

  • Member: Frauke WEIDANZ (United Kingdom)


  • Chair: Francesca RUBULOTTA (United Kingdom)
  • Members (6):
  • Alvaro CASTELLANOS (Spain)
  • Jean-michel CONSTANTIN (France)
  • Hans HJELMQVIST (Sweden)    
  • Norbert WEILER (Germany)
  • Marco MAGGIORINI (Switzerland)
  • Andrej MICHALSEN (Germany)

NEXT Committee 

  • Members (5):
  • Paul ABRAHAM (France)  
  • Victoria BENNETT (United Kingdom)
  • Gennaro DE PASCALE (Italy)
  • Cristina SANTONOCITO (Italy)    
  • Stefan SCHALLER (Germany)

Past Elections 

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