Elections 2017 

The Ballots for the following positions will open on June 26th and close on July 10th, 2017 (2.00 PM CET):


  • National Representative - Slovenia


  • Members (2)

ESICM members who are eligible candidates for these roles are welcome to apply online during the open call. The mandates for these positions will begin in late September 2017.

For more information on the election, please contact ESICM Membership.

Elections 2017 Results


  • National Representative - Hungary: Csaba HERMANN

Congress Committee  

  • Chair, Cardiovascular Dynamics (CD): Thomas SCHEEREN (The Netherlands)
  • Chair, Health Services Research and Outcome (HSRO): Dylan DE LANGE (The Netherlands)
  • Chair, Perioperative Intensive Care (POIC): Ib JAMMER (Norway)

Research Committee

  • Deputy, Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF): Luigi CAMPOROTA (United Kingdom)
  • Deputy, Cardiovascular Dynamics (CD): Jan BAKKER (The Netherlands)
  • Deputy, Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition (MEN): Valentin FUHRMANN (Germany)
  • Deputy, Perioperative Intensive Care (POIC): Aarne FELDHEISER (Germany)

Examinations Committee

  • Member: Frauke WEIDANZ (United Kingdom)


  • Chair: Francesca RUBULOTTA (United Kingdom)
  • Members (4):
  • Alvaro CASTELLANOS (Spain)
  • Jean-michel CONSTANTIN (France)
  • Hans HJELMQVIST (Sweden)    
  • Norbert WEILER (Germany) 

NEXT Committee 

  • Members (5):
  • Paul ABRAHAM (France)  
  • Victoria BENNETT (United Kingdom)
  • Gennaro DE PASCALE (Italy)
  • Cristina SANTONOCITO (Italy)    
  • Stefan SCHALLER (Germany)

Past Elections 

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