Special Sessions

LIVES Digital 2021 will be energized by sessions specially devised to provide participants with a platform for interaction with peers and dedicated experts from the different fields of Intensive Care Medicine.

These informal sessions are meant to encourage participants’ input, peer exchange and the sharing of experience of all the most important issues that impact our profession.

Please note that only those registered for the main congress are eligible to join the special sessions on webcam/mic via the links provided at the beginning of these sessions. Attendance is limited but of course, you can attend and watch these sessions on the congress platform.

Meet the Expert Sessions on Channel 3

Do you have a burning question for our profession’s leading experts and best-known speakers? Join us for lively interactive debate during this 45-min expert discussion.

Education Case-Based Fundamentals on Channels 4 & 5

Fundamental concepts of intensive care explained by top experts on real cases.

> For the best experience during the KAHOOT’s CBFs, it is recommended to join ZOOM rather than the congress platform due to the short delay between the two platforms.

Interactive session - My first on-call at home on Channel 7

How would it be if you are on-call at home and your resident calls you about a patient? Will you able to help him and the deteriorating patient?