ESICMs’ Feeding, Rehabilitation, Endocrinology and Metabolism section is dedicated to the following aspects of critical care:

  • Metabolic management
  • Endocrinology disorders and provision of adequate and safe Nutrition
  • Hepatology and gastrointestinal (dys)function

Long-term functional outcomes and quality of life in survivors of critical illness are our central focus.

The section aims to spread the existing knowledge and scientific evidence within our Society to promote high-quality research collaborations and interaction between experts.

The management of metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition are not objectives per se but rather an integrated part of treating critical disease conditions. Therefore, the FREM section focuses intensively on collaboration with other speciality sections and the N-AHP, NEXT, and Clinical Training committees.

The FREM section is a dynamic group gathering experts on the above topics. We meet at least 4 times a year to discuss, develop scientific and educational projects, and support colleagues in clinical research. Some recent achievements of the section – facilitated by ESICM endorsement – are:

  • the creation of guidelines for enteral Nutrition in special ICU conditions and phosphate management and,
  • the investigation of intestinal failure and micronutrient management.

The FREM section spreads hot news on its topics of interest within the ESICM community via the section web page and e-mail newsflashes.

The FREM section is involved in education by contributing to the annual ESICM LIVE congress organisation, the novel Nutrition Pathway, and highly cited publications. Prioritising interaction rather than stand-alone activities, the FREM Section engages particularly in joint speciality sessions within ESICM-LIVE, with topics presented by members of the section and other established investigators within our field.

All ESICM members interested in these fields, including members of other speciality sections, are welcome to participate in and contribute to the section’s activities: please contact the Section’s Chair for further information by mail or join our live and online meetings.

The next FREM Section meeting that will take place on Friday 23 December 2022.

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