Datathon Kick-off - Friday, 30 April, from 15:30 - 16:30 CET

The kick-off will be freely streamed worldwide for any audience to join, with ESICM President Maurizio Cecconi welcoming participants.

Dr Ari Ercole and Dr Paul Elbers, respectively Chair and Deputy Chair of the ESICM Data Science Section, will introduce the 3rd edition of the Datathon and present the three challenges the teams will be faced with.

Afterwards, Dr Patrick Thoral will provide more information about the AmsterdamUMCdb database from which clinical data will be extrapolated.

The Datathon Challenge - May

The teams will have the full month to work on the clinical questions they have been assigned.

Every week, they will have the possibility to connect on a 1-hour video meeting with the faculty for troubleshooting.

Grand finale event - Friday, 28 May, from 15:00 - 17:30 CET

Dr Paul Elbers, will open the last act of the Datathon, where the teams will present their final results to the faculty.

The event will be streamed worldwide and will also comprise key notes lectures on Data Science, including:

  • ESICM loves Data Science - Prof Maurizio Cecconi
  • The Joint Data Science Task Force - Prof Gilles Clermont
  • Predicting the Future - Prof Matthew Churpeck

Finally, Dr Patrick Thoral will present the Prize Ceremony and winners will be announced.