February 23, 2022

European Health Leadership Awardee

Watch the ESICM President’s interview by the European Health Forum Gastein


In December, we were thrilled to share with you that our efforts to help patients, families and healthcare workers (HCWs) during the pandemic had been recognised with the European Health Leadership Award 2021 (EHLA).

The award acknowledges the work of organisations that have showcased exceptional leadership in safeguarding or improving people’s health in Europe.

The COVID-19 crisis has put HCWs in the spotlight for their strenuous efforts in patient care and the vital need to put them at the centre of future health care planning and policy. Therefore, EHLA 2021 examined exceptional interventions designed to support the health and well-being of HCWs in Europe.

ESICM’s actions, including training 20,000 European health workers who do not regularly work in intensive care through the EU-funded C19_SPACE programme, were found to be timely and effective.

“The award is great recognition for ESICM and its members,” says ESICM President Maurizio Cecconi. “Throughout the pandemic, ESICM has become a centre for information and training. Our members have supported and helped offer the Society’s services to every healthcare professional worldwide to help their patients and families. The award indicates that the impact is visible externally as well,” he notes.

In the following interview with Anca del Rio, a member of the Gastein Young Forum, Prof Cecconi reveals how the Society will use the award and how he hopes it will impact public awareness of ICU professionals.

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