The Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF) section’s goal is to support and contribute to research and educational activities in pathophysiology, diagnostics, and therapy of acute respiratory failure.

If you are interested in getting involved in the ARF section activities, please contact the Deputy Chair, Lise Piquilloud.

Due to the exceptional situation we are facing because of the Covid-19 outbreak and the travel restrictions in place, all face-to-face Section meetings in March 2020 have been cancelled.

The next face to face meeting will take place at LIVES 2020 in Madrid (5-9 December 2020).

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

March 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Project Groups

  • Pleural Pressure (PLUG) Project Group
    This group is chaired by Laurent Brochard, Jordi Mancebo and Tommaso Mauri
    The aims of this group include:

    1. Dissemination of knowledge regarding the utility and methodologies for Oesophageal Pressure Monitoring
    2. Workshops to promote correct measurement techniques for Oesophageal Pressure Monitoring.
    3. Proposal of Thematic Sessions on Oesophageal Pressure Monitoring at major conferences.
    4. Promoting research on the role of applied physiology approaches to lung ventilator management, including Oesophageal Pressure Monitoring.

  • ECMO Project Group
    This group is chaired by Michael Quintel
    The purpose of this group would be to examine the indications for extracorporal technologies [ECMO. Extracorporeal CO2 removal etc].


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Position Firstname Lastname City Country
Chair Jordi Mancebo Barcelona Spain
Deputy Lise Piquilloud Lausanne Switzerland