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The diffusion of electronic health records and advancement of monitoring devices has made possible the collection of always increasing amounts of patients’ data, especially in critical care.

The opportunities arising from this form of Big Data are numerous and diverse and are promoting a surge in research fundings and industry interests. Indeed, their analysis with machine learning and predictive modelling could provide new insights and improve patient care.

To make the experience more productive and satisfying for everybody, we advise subscribers to possess the following skills:

  • if you’re a clinician, some real experience in ICU.
  • if you’re a data scientist, proficiency in R / Python / Matlab or SQL queries, and a background in machine learning, statistical modeling, or data visualisation.

Each team can choose 3 clinical questions among the ones proposed. If approved by the organisers, they can work on their own clinical issue.

Participants will have to figure out a way to interrogate the amsterdamumcdb database to provide an innovative solution to the problems presented during the month of May. Every week, a one hours video meeting will be available for troubleshooting.

By June 3, they will present the results of their work during a grand finale event and hopefully win a free registration to the ESICM LIVES 2022 Congress and/or a digital Master Class of their choice.