January 19, 2020


Further your skills and take them to the next level


Are you a fully-recognised intensivist (no longer in training) who has already attended a basic echocardiography course in the last two years? Do you have a potential local mentor? Then the EDEC Curriculum is designed for you!

EDEC is a curriculum in Echocardiography offered by ESICM to practitioners who have acquired a basic level of competence in Critical Care Echocardiography (CCE) and would like to extend their competencies to an advanced level.

To prepare for the three-part exam, participants must sit a mandatory ESICM EDEC course and complete a logbook, validated by the candidate’s elected supervisor. Access to online materials and EDEC courses and webinars is provided, as well as a list of approved international EDEC supervisors.

Completion of EDEC training and competency-based testing designates that the intensivist is competent in advanced critical care echocardiography.

There is no fixed date to start, so once you have found a potential mentor and supervisor to support you with your learning, you can begin at any time.

To learn more about the EDEC programme, including the entry criteria curriculum, exam structure, or to apply, visit our webpages.

Any Questions? Contact us at edec@esicm.org

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