Master course (integration and simulation) in ECLS/ECMO – JOINT EVENT EuroELSO & ESICM

Format: Virtual 
Dates: 4-5 July, 2023


Jan BĚLOHLÁVEK MD PhD, Cardiologist, intensivist, Chief Physician, 2nd Department of Internal Medicine – Clinic of Cardiology and Angiology, First Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague and General University Hospital in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic; President of EuroELSO

Dieter DAUWE MD, PhD, Cardiologist – Intensivist UZ Leuven, Assistant Professor KU Leuven, Belgium

Endorsement: EuroELSO and ESICM

The novelty for 2023 is the progressive approach for better integration of what is being learnt in ECLS/ECMO, offering our participants the possibility to choose based on their needs, skill and aims.

The Master course (integration and simulation) provides participants with a solid view of ECLS/ECMO with a focus on weaning from VV ECMO and VA ECMO, patient-related VA ECMO complications (differential oxygenation – limb ischaemia – LV overload), awake ECMO (potential benefits and pitfalls) and much more. The course will be virtual and will bring together a panel of worldwide known EuroELSO & ESICM experts. After the Master course, you may complete your learning pathway with a face-to-face Focus session at LIVES 2023, in Milan.

After registering, ensure you access the pre-course materials available for study in the dedicated online classroom on the ESICM Academy. Please note that ONLY registered participants can access the dedicated classroom.

This e-Course is part of a joint EuroELSO & ESICM programme to provide specialised training in extracorporeal techniques to healthcare professionals interested in the field. Certificates may be validated at EuroELSO on the path to the ELSO Adult ECMO Practitioner Certification (E-AEC).

An application will be made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.

  • Share best practice with high-level experts & peers
  • Be part of a unique training experience that recalls proactively your previous knowledge and skills in field
  • Deepen and broaden your competences in compliance with your profile and interest
  • List circuit monitoring tools.
  • List the considerations for selecting the appropriate ECMO cannula.
  • Outline the process of percutaneous cannulation
  • Discuss the role of ultrasound in cannulation
  • Discuss anticoagulation monitoring on ECMO.
  • List standard management strategies for respiratory failure
  • Discuss the rationale of VV ECMO in respiratory failure
  • Describe the concept of native lung rest
  • Troubleshoot recirculation.
  • List standard management strategies for cardiac failure
  • Discuss the rationale of VA ECMO in cardiac failure
  • Describe the concept of native heart rest.
  • Describe ventilator management and blood and gas flow titration for pulmonary support.
  • Describe the process of weaning VV ECMO support.
  • List exit strategies for the VV ECMO patient.
  • Describe the process of weaning VA ECMO support
  • List exit strategies for the VA ECMO patient
  • List medical and mechanical complications of ECMO.
  • The ECMO circuit
  • Canulation for adult cardiac & respiratory ECMO
  • Anticoagulation on ECMO
  • ECMO for Adult Respiratory Failure – weaning from VV ECMO
  • ECMO for Adult Cardiac Failure – weaning from VA ECMO
  • Patient related VA ECMO complications
  • Awake ECMO 

  • Senior physicians involved or interested in ECMO
  • Perfusionists and Nurses involved in ECMO or interested in respiratory vs circulatory support



Foundation Course in ECLS/ECMO

Level 1: get an introduction to the core skills

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Focus Session in ECLS/ECMO

Level 3.2: integrate and simulate 

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