Core Skills for Clinical Pharmacists in Intensive Care

Format: Face to face

Date: July 3-4, 2024

Clinical pharmacists in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)  improve patient outcome including mortality, ICU length of stay and reducing adverse drug events.
The 2-day face to face course aims at developing clinical decision-making skills and building confidence in providing a clinical pharmacy service for ICU patients.


Cathrine A MCKENZIE PhD FRPharmS, Consultant Pharmacist in Critical Care, Pharmacy and Critical Care, University Hospital Southampton, Tremona Road, Southampton, United Kingdom; Honorary Associate Professor, University of Southampton, School of Medicine, United Kingdom; Editor in Chief: Critical Illness (; Lead of the Clinical Pharmacists Group, ESICM.

Bryan O’FARRELL MPharm MRPharmS MSc Critical Care, Lead Pharmacist – Intensive Care & Theatres, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom.

• To define the role of the clinical pharmacist in intensive care

• To understand analgesia, sedation & delirium

• To present and demonstrate patient assessment & monitoring

• To explain and illustrate the responsibilities of clinical pharmacists in the management of the patient with infections, shock and Antimicrobial Stewardship

• To describe the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in critical illness

• To analyse how medicines optimisation takes place for the ICU patient


Over two days, we will deliver high quality education by ICU clinical pharmacy experts in core specialist areas essential for core and practical skills in  ICU pharmacy practice.

Building on ESICM’s reputation of excellence in education, this course for the clinical pharmacist will be delivered by multiple modes of education, including workshops, case-based discussions and small group learning. There will be a strong focus on problem solving skills and also on the evidence base that supports decision making in ICU.

It will include:

  1. The ICU Patent – introduction and overview
  2. Shock – Clinical Management for the Pharmacist
  3. Analgesia, Sedation & Delirium
  4. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PKPD) in Critical Illness
  5. Infection Management & Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS)
  6. Patient Assessment & Monitoring
  7. Medicines Optimisation for the ICU patient – what can we do!

This face-to-face course is vital for clinical pharmacists who are either new or aspiring to work in ICU. It aims to give core knowledge and skills essential for safe and effective clinical pharmacy in ICU.

If you are a clinical pharmacist either new to ICU or aspiring to work in ICU then this course is for you.


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