ESICM has over 8,600 members worldwide (with over 500 ESPNIC joint members) comprising a diverse group of highly-trained professionals who provide care in specialised care units and work towards the best outcome possible for critically ill patients. 

How to become a member

Application or renewal of your ESICM 2017 membership is open until September 24, 2017.

The membership dues are valid for the calendar year 2017 (January to December).

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Rights and Privileges

ESICM Members, ESICM Members in Training and Honorary Members may participate in the business and scientific meetings of the Association. They may vote. ESICM Members and Members in Training are eligible to stand for a position within the society.

ESICM Members residing outside of Europe may participate in the business and scientific meetings of the society. They may vote and are eligible to represent the International members, or may be elected as scientific section chair/deputy chairpersons in the Council.

Associate members may participate in the business and scientific meetings of the society. They may vote and are eligible to stand for a position within ESICM's Nurse and Allied Healthcare Professional Committee.

Membership benefits are described in the SOPs

Membership categories (According to our Statutes)

ESICM Members (€150 per year)

An ESICM member may be any physician residing in or outside Europe, who is interested in intensive care medicine in Europe (as defined in Appendix 1).

Dual Membership (€110 per year)

ESICM has partnerships with National Societies from intensive care and related disciplines in order to provide increased benefits to both societies members. A reduced membership fee of €110 is offered to the members of any cooperating national society. Click here to see the list of Dual Membership partners.

Please note that when applying, you grant permission for ESICM to check with your national society that your national membership is valid.

ESICM Members in Training (€110 per year)

Trainees in intensive care medicine can benefit from a reduced membership fee of €110 for a maximum of three consecutive years of membership during their training.

ESICM Associates (€110 per year)

An Associate member may be any nurse or allied healthcare professional with an active interest in intensive care medicine.  

Honorary Members

An individual who has notably served on behalf of the society or a member who has made a major or long term contribution to ESICM or the specialty of intensive care medicine, may be elected as an Honorary Member by the Executive Committee.

Honorary Members and Society Medals webpage

In addition, the following options are available to all members:

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  • ESPNIC Membership €44


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