November 26, 2019

This 90-minute live webinar on Precision Therapies in ICU comprised three parts:

1. Precise Mechanical Ventilation (personalised lung protection and respiratory strategy):  Mechanical ventilation is a lifesaving procedure, with its own risks, complications and side effects. Optimisation of mechanical ventilation parameters requires a precise strategy, since one size does not fit all.

Speaker: Prof Giacomo BELLANI, Dept of Medicine and Surgery, Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca, Monza, Italy

2. Precision Management of Nutrition (including indirect calorimetry and individual patient needs): Nutritional therapy is built on correct assessment of an individual patient.  Correct dosing of artificial nutrition will avoid under- and over-feeding and reduce complications such as infections

Speaker: Prof Elisabeth DE WAELE, Director of Intensive Care Department, University Hospital (UZ), Brussels, Belgium

3. Analytics to support Precision Health (speaking about how Analytics and CIS can help to support a more individualized care plan): Routine intensive care data is an example of Big Data, due to its volume, rate of real-time acquisition, as well as its complex and varied mix of clinical, physiological, imaging and laboratory tests results.

Speaker: Prof Ari ERCOLEUniversity of Cambridge Division of Anaesthesia, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Unrestricted educational grant by GE Healthcare