April 21, 2017


ECCO2-Removal for ultraprotective ventilation: Where do we stand?   

27 April 2017 @ 16:00 CET

ESICM NEXT takes topics of a particular interest to trainees and young specialists and provides an interesting and interactive session to learn from expert presenters. In this brief icTV video, NEXT Chair Bjoern Weiss discusses this exciting new initiative:

More on this webinar:

Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) has been used for decades as a supportive intervention for ARDS and type 2 respiratory failure but is now gaining popularity with the development of improved technologies. This webinar aims to update clinicians with the current evidence base of ECCO2R and what is to be expected in the future.

Brijesh PATEL and Alain COMBES and moderator Peter SCHELLONGOWSKI will lead this top session!


 The goal of this webinar is to tackle these issues:

  • Techniques… Are they all the same?
  • What is ECCO2R?
  • How does it work?
  • Are there different systems?
  • When should we think about using this technique?
  • Rationale for ARDS
  • Rationale for COPD
  • What is the place of extracorporeal carbon dioxide in respiratory failure at this moment and what is to be expected in the future?
  • Current trials

While it's organised by NEXT, this topical webinar may appeal to many – from more senior clinicians to members of the allied healthcare team.

This webinar is free access for all!

Participants must register in advance…


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