November 15, 2018


Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day 2018

NAHP Webinar 15/11/2018

Pressure ulcers are a major problem in intensive care units. Accurate detection and prevention strategies exist to ensure that healthcare professionals apply best evidence when caring for a patient population that is at high risk of developing these debilitating injuries.
However, there are still many unknown factors that have an impact on the epidemiology and current understanding.

This ESICM NAHP Webinar is reviewing current knowledge and some of the prevention strategies.
While more evidence such as the ESICM sponsored DecubICUs study is coming to light, the international presenters (Professor Wendy Chaboyer, Antonija Petosic, Professor Stijn Blot) present a detailed review of current knowledge and made a very thoughtful contributions on the evidence gaps that still require further investigation.

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