May 6, 2021

New free webinar


When planning study research, different factors should be considered, such as literature searches, ethical issues, objectives and methods.

Learning Outcomes:

In this free webinar, organised by the ESICM Translational Biology (TB) section, our expert panel will discuss how to conduct research, tackling:

• Challenges for young investigators in setting up laboratory research programmes
• Tools to plan and conduct good experimental research (e.g., ARRIVE, PREPARE checklists)
• Pitfalls and opportunities for ICU-related observational research

The Experts:


Dr Mariangela PELLEGRINI – Critical Care Specialist and post-doc researcher, Uppsala University Hospital and Hedenstierna Laboratory (Uppsala University, SE). Member of the NEXT committee and ESCIM Research Committee.

Dr Harm-Jan DE GROOTH – Clinical fellow and researcher, Intensive Care department of AmsterdamUMC (NL). With a background in statistics and a PhD in research methods, his work is focused on the intersection between clinical and statistical validity.


Prof John LAFFEY – Professor of Anaesthesia Intensive Care Medicine, School of Medicine of the National University of Ireland, Galway and a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Galway University Hospitals (IE). He was co-leader of the LUNG SAFE global epidemiologic study.



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