November 8, 2016

WEBINAR ~ December 2016


Join speaker Valentin Furhmann (Germany) and moderator Julia Wendon (United Kingdom) for an interactive webinar "Acute on chronic liver failure – what the intensivist has to know"

December 1st, 2016 from 16.00 to 17.00 hrs (CET)

This novel presentation will define acute on chronic liver failure and discuss the following key topics:

  • When to admit a patient with cirrhosis to the ICU
  • Therapeutic implications
    • Fluids & vasopressors
    • AKI & extracorporeal therapies
    • Mechanical ventilation
    • Bleeding prevention & management
    • Hepatic encephalopathy
    • Infections
  • Risk stratification and ethical issues

This session will also utilise case studies to provide registered participants with practical examples of how to manage patients with this condition. Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the presenters.

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