March 16, 2022

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A new series of free webinars


The last years have posed massive challenges to our community. These challenges have shown to the world the importance of Intensive Care Units and Intensive Care Teams for our patients, their families, for our healthcare workers.

While we cannot choose our challenges, we can decide how to respond to them. Solidarity has been a fundamental value of the response of our community.

In recent weeks the world has been shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We condemned this war as we condemned any armed conflict.
Thousands of people have died. Healthcare workers, some from ICU teams, have been injured and some killed. Our thoughts go with them and their families.

We have been constantly in contact with our colleagues from Ukraine and admired their passion and commitment to saving lives.

We are learning from them and have asked them how to support them. Following their requests, we have organised a first webinar focused on Triage to ICU admission in times of Mass Casualty, which you can watch on our Facebook page as of tomorrow.

This webinar series is only one of our actions to support them: more training materials and sessions will follow soon.

This new ALIVE Solidarity webinar series will not focus only on war topics. Instead, we wish to tackle a broad range of issues and make these webinars and other resources free to help where and when is most needed.

Solidarity is what has allowed us to go out of the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Solidarity is what is needed now.

Thanks to the support and trust of our members, who have grown in numbers over the last few years.

Please consider donating to our ALIVE fund to support ICU patient care worldwide.

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