January 7, 2020

Findings of an international online survey

Transfusion Practice in the non-bleeding critically ill


Results of the TRACE survey – an international online survey about Transfusion practice in the non-bleeding critically ill by Sanne de Bruin, Thomas W. L. Scheeren, Jan Bakker, Robin van Bruggen, Alexander P. J. Vlaar, and on behalf of the ESICM Cardiovascular Dynamics Section and Transfusion Guideline Task Force – are now published.

The findings reveal that red blood cell transfusion practice for the general ICU population is restrictive, while for different sub-populations, higher Hb thresholds are applied. Furthermore, practice in plasma and platelet transfusion is heterogeneous, and local transfusion guidelines are lacking in the majority of the ICUs.

The survey aimed to highlight transfusion practices in the ICU and to provide a baseline measurement prior to implementation of the new European Transfusion Guideline. The results will be used for future comparison to determine whether the guideline resulted in a change of practice.

In contrast to most transfusion practice surveys, this survey was not limited to red cells transfusion, but also included transfusion practice of plasma and platelet concentrates.

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