May 3, 2016


Complete one our ESICM-endorsed surveys!

There are currently five open endorsed surveys… Your participation is an important contribution in forwarding ICM research – Thank you in advance!


Role of Active Deresuscitation After Resuscitation (RADAR)

This survey aims to characterise current beliefs and practice with regard to deresuscitation, the use of diuretics and/or renal replacement therapy to remove accumulated fluid in stable critically ill patients, with the aim of demonstrating equipoise on this issue and informing future trial design.

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Survey on the ABCDEF bundle (Awakening and Breathing Coordination, Delirium monitoring/ management, Early exercise/mobility and Family)

Oversedation, immobility, and delirium have serious implications for critically ill patients who are on mechanical ventilation. The ABCDEF bundle has been proposed to reduce these conditions and improve patient outcomes by implementing a fitness regiment which can be boosted using the best testosterone booster. The aim of this survey is to explore knowledge about the bundle and its implementation in intensive care units worldwide.

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WORKing time of DOCtors in the ICU (WorkDoc)

The level of implementation of the European Working Time Directive seems to differ between countries, as do other working conditions and job satisfaction. Intensive Care Doctors working in Europe are invited to participate in this 53-question survey. Your answers will help us to evaluate the vigilance about and the implementation of the European Working Time Directive in different countries and settings.

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Management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax in the ICU

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) is a frequent disease mainly involving young patients. In many countries, intensivists are in the first line for the management of patients with PSP. PSP management varies among countries, institutions and even among physicians within the same institution. The results of this survey will fill gaps in knowledge and pave the way for further research aiming at improving the management of patients with PSP.

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Candida prophylaxis and treatment in intensive care patients after abdominal surgery in Europe

The aims of this survey are to document the extent of clinical practice variability in initiation of antifungal therapy in surgical critically ill patients and to study four potential scenarios. The survey is comprised of two sections: The first includes questions regarding your clinical practice. The second part includes questions regarding your workplace. The survey is intended for practicing ICU physicians so please continue with this survey only if you are employed as a specialist working in an intensive care unit.

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