November 15, 2016

Although Target Temperature Management has potential applications in various ICM settings, recent evidence (Nielsen et al. 2013) has led to debate and questions on the indications for its use. Despite local guidelines, there is no internationally agreed protocol, which is shared amongst the intensive care community.

ESICM with the support of BARD, has decided to embark on a project to:
1) assess actual TTM application worldwide and
2) to create an open-access TTM protocol library. 


In order to improve knowledge sharing, further discussion on TTM practice and create a robust TTM library, we need your help!

Who can participate?

Any clinician using a clinically established TTM protocol for one or more specific indication.

How to get involved?

Please join us in 3 steps:

1. Please forward the TTM protocol/s you apply at your institution for any validated indication, in the original form (in PDF format), together with visual material (if pertinent) and a list of 5 keywords (see guidelines for suggestions). 

2. Your protocol will be evaluated by the ESICM TTM Task Force for language, content and form. If necessary, an English version may be requested.

3. If your protocol is deemed suitable to be published on the ESICM TTM Library hosted on the website, you may be asked to provide further documents to enable its publication.

For more information (including guidelines) visit the TTM Library webpage.

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